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    Drake Still Holding On To His Exes With His Newest Bling

    Obviously, there’s a reason why Drake titled his last album Certified Lover Boy. For years, the media has been involved with Drake’s rumored and confirmed relationships. Apparently, he’s been involved with everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Serena Williams. Though, it seems now the star has been reminiscing on his past relationships himself. Recently, the rapper debuted his newest blinged-out necklace, which basically consists of 42 engagement rings. 

    All His “Past” Wives

    According to the tabloids, the guy has had several girlfriends in the past. Turns out, there might be some truth to his “Falling Back” music video after all. Recently, the Grammy winning rapper debuted his newest bling collection that consists of 42 engagement rings. Apparently, Drake almost walked down the aisle with several different women. He’s definitely a Certified Lover Boy. 

    While Drake’s love life became a topic of interest, so did the creation of the new iced-out necklace. Its creator, jewelry designer Alex Moss, took to social media to describe to fans what all went into Drake’s new bling. Giving it the fitting name “Previous Engagement,” Moss confirmed that the necklace is made up of “42 engagement rings, 351.38 carats in diamonds.” Additionally, the piece took 14 months to make, since every diamond was hand selected and inspected to perfection. Clearly, a lot of time and thought went into crafting this necklace.

    The Fans Do The Math

    newest bling
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    Of course, fans were quick to take to the comments and learn more about Drake’s new blinged-out necklace. While some inquired Alex Moss if they could create a similar piece for them, others asked for more details on the necklace. In particular, one fan did a breakdown of the cost. 

    “350 + carats over 42 diamonds so something like 8 carats a piece? Assuming you’re using vs1+ this piece is somewhere in the $4-6M range?” the social media user asked. If that’s the case, Drake’s new bling would be one expensive collection of engagement rings. It definitely makes us wonder if Drake is still hung up on all his exes? 

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