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    Drake Savagely Buys Pharrell’s Chains For “Jumbotron Sh*t Poppin”

    Pharrell’s iconic iced-out chains from his NERD-era are true hip-hop artifacts. Recently, these chains were put up for auction and bought by none other than Drake, which didn’t sit well with many people.

    Drake flaunted the chains in his latest music video, “Jumbotron Shit Poppin,” showcasing the significance of these pieces in hip-hop history. However, the public’s outrage is understandable. Drake’s excessive flexing and acquisition of such culturally significant items raises questions about his motives and priorities. Shouldn’t Pharrell have passed down these pieces to his children or preserved them in a museum?


    It seems like Drake is relishing his reputation as the “petty king” by making controversial moves like this. While his music is enjoyable, some find his actions corny and calculated. His purchase of the iconic chains appears to be a deliberate move to upset people and gain attention.

    The debate continues about the fate of these cultural artifacts and the implications of their ownership by Drake.

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