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    Dr Dre’s Wife Saying F**K That Prenup, I Want Half

    Dr. Dre’s Wife, Nicole Young is basically saying F**k that prenup with her challenging of the agreement.

    Nicole Young, Dr. Dre’s wife is challenging the prenup she signed before getting married to the legendary producer. Mr’s young is claiming that she was coerced and intimidated into signing the agreement.

    The Still Dre producer has a net worth of nearly 1 billion dollars so there is a lot of money on the line. TMZ first reported that the issue of the prenup came up when Dre responded to his wife’s divorce petition.

    Fans were suggesting that Mrs. Young didn’t know about the prenuptial agreement at all, but that makes little sense.

    Nicole claims that she was “reluctant, resistant and afraid to sign the agreement”, further adding “I was left with no option but to hire a lawyer and unwillingly signed the agreement very shortly before our marriage.”

    However, she says a couple of years after the wedding, Dr. Dre ripped up the agreement as a show of solidarity.

    Dre doesn’t seem to have any recollection of any event and maintains the agreement is still intact. Despite his wife’s attempt to have the prenup dismiss, the NWA founder is said to have already agreed to spousal support and taking care of her financial needs.

    What do you guys think about Dr. Dre’s Wife Nicole Young saying F**K the prenup she signed, WITH legal counsel? Is she being greedy because Dre already said he would help her out? Or does she deserve half of that man’s billion dollars?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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