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    Dr.Dre Cuts Ties With His Family

    Family means everything to most people. Though, not everyone thinks the same about family ties. Rap legend Dr. Dre certainly doesn’t care much for his extended family members. As of recently, the 55-year-old’s father and daughter revealed that they haven’t been in contact with him for years. Clearly, the rapper has no problem cutting ties with his loved ones.

                   The Rapper Cuts Ties With His Father

    Cuts Ties
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    Not everyone comes from a great upbringing. Dr. Dre certainly didn’t have the picture perfect family. As a young child, the emcee grew up in a hostile home life. His father Theodore Young presumably abused his mother Verna. However, Dr. Dre’s father denied having ever abused his mother. Though, the emcee didn’t buy his old man’s claims. In the end, the 55-year-old’s grandmother raised him away from his parents. The rap mogul has stayed away from his father ever since.

    During an interview with Page-Six, Theodore Young stated that his famous son has done away with him. “My other sons love me and say it too. But considering where I come from, most young men like Andre, who achieve significant success, don’t care about their dad.” The reasoning for the disconnect has little to do with Dr. Dre’s success and everything to do with the abuse allegations. Honestly, what does his father expect?

                A Daughter Seeking Her Father’s Love

    Cuts Ties
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    Not only has Dr. Dre disowned his father, but other members of his family as well. The HipHop mogul’s eldest daughter recently told DailyMail that she hasn’t spoken or seen her father for 17 years. LaTanya Young, one of the three children Dr. Dre fathered to former girlfriend Lisa Johnson, told the publication that she just wants a relationship with her father. “Money is not what I want, I feel better doing it on my own. “I simply want closure and to spend time with my father,” LaTanya confessed to DailyMail. Currently, Young works as a FedEX Driver. She hasn’t received any “handouts” or financial help from her father, Dr. Dre, whose has a $800 million dollar net worth. Dr. Dre just isn’t a family man.


    What do you think? Should he help out his daughter? Should he speak to his father?

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