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    Doom Patrol Season 3 Details; Supervillian Revealed.

    Birth of the Obsurd, Anti-Hero Team Up. Expect Disaster in the best ways. 

    Doom Patrol
    Doom Patrol. DC Universe, Vertigo Comics, HBO Max. Season 3 details as they come out.

    If you haven’t watched Doom Patrol yet, now’s the ideal time to catch this extraordinary bunch of oddballs who always find themselves in trouble. The series draws inspiration from DC characters by Arnold Drake, Bob Haney, and Bruno Premiani. These characters are reluctant heroes, but if they join forces, they might just save the day, as long as they don’t mess things up. Keep in mind, this show is for mature audiences only.

    Doom Patrol’s Premise

    These are not your typical superheros. Doom Patrol is a team of traumatized defunct superheroes. They are connected in only that each has suffered an acident that both left them disfigured with superhuman abilities. Also that they found sanctuary with The Chief in Doom Manor. Throw in a sentinent street and the Bureau of Normalcy, and you are in for a great show.

    Unlikely Heroes

    (Character bios by DC Universe)

    • Negative Man / Larry Trainor played by Matt Bomer
    • Larry Trainor, an Air Force test pilot, had a plane crash that exposed him to a mysterious “negative” energy. As a result, he transformed into a pure energy being known as Negative Man. To prevent others from being harmed by his radioactive energy, he needs to cover himself with bandages for protection. Trainor also struggles with society’s expectations of what his life should be and his sexuality.
    • Robot Man / Cliff Steele played by Brendan Fraser
      • Cliff Steele, a former race car driver, suffered a terrible accident that rendered his body unlivable. Thanks to the mysterious Dr. Caulder, Cliff’s brain was saved and now resides in a robotic body. In this second chance, can he live a better life than he did as a human?
    • Elasti-Woman / Rita Farr played by April Bowlby
    • Rita Farr, an up-and-coming actress, encountered a toxic gas that changed her cells. She forms into an all-encompassing blob when stressed but if under control, she can channel her easticity to stretch willingly.
    • Crazy Jane / Jane is played by Diane Guerrero
    • Crazy Jane is the most OP but also unstable superhero. Jane suffers from the world’s most severe case of multiple personality disorder developed from childhood trauma. She possesses 64 unique personas, each with its own superpower, and can switch between them as needed.
    • Cyborg / Victor Stone played by Joivan Wade
      • Victor Stone is a half-human, half-machine. Victor struggles to form meaningful connections with others that make him human. In his quest for acceptance, Victor embraces his cybernetic body’s curse and becomes the ultimate hero for the digital age with his extraordinary powers. Cyborg is the only hero here that actually wants to be a hero but he’s not without guilt or trauma from the loss of his mother and strained relationship with his father.

    Season One

    Season one introduced us to the main characters and their respective backstories and traumas that brought them to Doom Manor. The Villian of the season, Mr. Nobody, narrated the journey and took part in four wall breaks and commentary of the TV show. Alan Tudyk was brilliant in the role of Mr. Nobody.

    After The Chief mysteriously disappears, the reluctant heroes of Doom Manor find themselves forced into to action by Cyborg to attempt to track down the Chief (Niles Caulder) and bring him back. However, they are often distracted from this primary mission to Cyborg’s frustration.

    Season Two

    Doom Patrol
    Doom Patrol’s Dorthy Spinner & Chief’s Miles Caulder. DC Universe/ HBO Max

    With Season two, Mr. Nobody was not the focus here; he was left out of this season. However, the show follows Dorothy Spinner (Abigail Shapiro), daughter of Niles Caulder. This season delves into the conflict of their newly discovered cause for all their accidents. The ‘team’ must put aside their feelings to protect the Chief’s daughter who wields an extraordinary power that she does not fully understand.

    What set this story apart from season one was Dorothy’s power to bring the imaginary into the real world. The trapped villian by the name of Candlemaker lives inside Dorothy and threatens release upon sucessful three wishes but her wishes have violent and disasterous consequences. Other notable characters from this season include the Sex Men and a disco-loving time traveler with a clock for a head.

    Season Three

    Season three introduces us to Dead Boy Detective Agency and the supervillain group, Sisterhood of Dada which are both led by Mr. Nobody. It isn’t clear at this time if, Alan Tudyk wil be brought back to reprise his role of Mr. Nobody but if he does, we’re in for a hell of a ride. Season three does not currenly have a release date.

    Dead Boy Detective Agency

    Dead Boy Detectives
    Dead Boy Detectives. Vertigo. DC Universe. Artwork by Matt Wagner

    Dead Boy Detective Agency, its members appeared in Vertigo Comics which Doom Patrol is published. They’re made up of a living teen psychic and two dead children

    Dead Boy Detectives
    Dead Boy Detectives. Vertigo Comics. DC Universe.
    • Edwin Payne will played by Ty Tennant. After his death in 1916, Edwin endured 80 years in hell because of a ‘clerical error’ and witnessed unimaginable horrors.
    • Charles Rowland will played by Sebastian Croft. Friendly and charismatic, he has been deceased since 1989. Despite his best efforts to remain cheerful, his demise from hypothermia and neglect continues to haunt him.
    • Crystal Palace will played by Madalyn Horcher. She is a teenager with a cool and sarcastic demeanor, and she possesses psychic abilities. Her only companions are Charles and Edwin, two deceased boys who rescued her from demonic possession.

    Season Three Villians Revealed

    Sisterhood of Dada

    Sisterhood of the Dada
    Brotherhood of the Dada now Sisterhood of the Dada. Doom Patrol Supervillian for Season 3. Vertigo Comics. Dc Universe. Artwork by Matt Wagner

    Brotherhood of Dada, a group of superpowered agents of mayhem (they’re not really evil, per se) who have clearly been renamed the Sisterhood of Dada

    • Malcolm will be played by Micah Joe Parker. He is a reserved and introspective person who often prefers to blend into the background rather than confront the harsh realities of the world.
    • The Fog / Shelley Byron will be played by Wynn Everett. Shelley is believed to be a dangerous terrorist, but he is also captivating, alluring, artistic, and slightly unhinged.
    • Frenzy / Lloyd Jefferson will be played by Miles Mussenden. He is a sculptor of eerie masks, adorned with tattoos and scars that tell the tales of his life’s memories and injustices. He possesses an enigmatic and reserved nature, capable of inflicting great destruction.
    •  Sleepwalk / Holly McKenzie will be played by Anita Kalathara. Holly is a carefree troublemaker who always knows where the best parties are. After a wild night of partying, she often takes a long nap in the ice cream truck where she works. If someone disturbs her during her nap, there will be consequences.
    • The Quiz / Sachiko will be played by Gina Hiraizumi. She is an enigmatic germaphobe whose crippling phobias mask awe-inspiring powers.

    Other Characters include Madam Rouge played by Michelle Gomez. Madam Rouge is a complicated and electrifying eccentric who arrives at Doom Manor with a very specific mission, if only she could remember it.

    So if you haven’t watched this yet, what are you waiting for? Dive into this original story with twists, turns, and obserdity that make this show a stand out. If you want a show that clearly doesn’t take itself too seriously, this is it. You can no longer watch on DC Universe but has been exported to HBO Max, which means it’s more accesible than ever.  Stay Tuned for more season 3 updates.

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