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    Doom Patrol Releases Actual Trailer for Season 3 Premiere

    Doom Patrol Releases Actual Trailer for Season 3 Premiere

    Final Trailer

    *** Warning for plots including abuse and suicide. ***

    DC has finally given us an actual trailer for the season 3 premiere of Doom Patrol set to drop later this month. This trailer has more details and a clearer plot breakdown than its trippy teaser trailer. For instance, the character struggles are more elaborated and some of the plots with the two major villian groups seems a little clearer.

    The Brotherhood of Evil is back in Season 3 Premiere!

    Doom Patrol, DC, HBO Max
    Doom Patrol, DC, HBO Max Introducing the Brotherhod of Evil

    The Brotherhood of Evil is a threat again. Wait, weren’t they dead? In Season one, the members of the first doom patrol and Mento has trophies of his defeated villians and they were confirmed to be defeated. Is Madame Rouge a sleeper cell for the Brotherhood? Also, will Mr. Nobody appear this season?

    The following are the members of the Brotherhood of Evil are featured in the trailer: The Brain (leader), Monsieur Mallah, Garguax (the Conquerer), and Madame Rouge. Other members of the Brotherhood of evil include Gemini, Warp, Plasmus, Houngan, Phobia, Trinity, Elephant Man, Goldilocks, and General Immortus.

    With Rita’s presentation, it appears she has a plan to infitrate the Brotherhood of Evil to stop them. During the trailer, Rita is seen wearing Madame Rouge’s costume and entering her drilling time machine.

    Those Dada Freaks!

    Doom Patrol Season 3 Dc Universe HBO Max
    Doom Patrol Season 3 Dc Universe HBO Max Sisterhood of Dada

    The Sisterhood of Dada are the second group of villians showcased in Season 3 Premiere. Frenzy has the ability to become a living cyclone. Sleepwalk has super strenght when she is asleep. Quiz has practically every power, making her OP. The fog can absorb characters. Madame Rouge wants the Doom Patrol to kill the Sisterhood of Dada. So far, from the trailer, it seems the Sisterhood wants to end the world in an attempt to rebuild it their way. Of course, that makes them a formidable threat. It also seems since they aren’t the only threat that the members of the Doom Patrol are in a bit of a pressure cooker alongside their own issues.

    Victor is getting shut down

    Doom Patrol, Season 3, DC Universe, HBO Max victor being shut out

    Is S.T.A.R. Labs is trying to control Cyborg? In the trailer, Victor has a blue LED light of death. Before, we know that Cyborg was able to work off the grid, so it is curious that he’s being shut down. How is being shut down? Is it from the grid? or is it some sort of Kill switch? Previously, Cyborg was also struggling with his body turning into more cybernetic and he was losing his humanity in physical form. Did this make him a threat they want to get ahead of?

    Cliff’s Brain is Expiring

    Doom Patrol Season 3, DC Universe, HBO Max
    Doom Patrol Season 3, DC Universe, HBO Max Is Cliff losing his brain?

    Who knew Cliff’s brain had an expiration. I guess, it makes sense that there would be some limitations. Afterall, he’s just a brain in a tincan robotic shell. However, nothing has been explained about how the brain was still able to function organically outside his body. Could that explaination be coming this season? What will happen if his brain begins to deteriate? Will he just die? Or is there a solution on the horizon? Maybe, the supplements will save his brain?

    Will Jane confront the Daddy Persona, Again?

    Jane vs. Daddy Persona
    Jane vs. Daddy Persona Doom Patrol, season3, DC Universe, HBO Max

    Jane confronts the Daddy Persona in Season one when Cliff entered the underground. Then last season, Miranda appeared after dying and members of the underground began dying one by one. Jane figures out that Miranda was not Miranda and setting her up. Remember, Jane “killed” the Daddy Persona in the well and Miranda killed herself in the well. So, that may been how the Daddy Persona was able to reemerge and take over her form. In the Season 3 Premiere trailer Jane is seen putting together a puzzle and entering Kate’s past.

    Doom Patrol, Season 3, DC Universe, HBO Max
    Doom Patrol, Season 3, DC Universe, HBO Max

    The puzzle symbolizes the Daddy Persona as that was the first instance of abuse for Kate. So, could Jane be preparing to confront the Daddy Persona, once and for all?

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