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    Don’t Mess With Nicki! Watch What Happens When a Fan Throws Something at Her Concert

    Yesterday (April 20), during a recent Pink Friday 2 World Tour stop to performing her hit “Starships,” the popular rapper Nicki Minaj faced an unexpected incident during her stay in Detroit, Michigan; there, while on stage performing, a fan threw something at her.

    Fortunately for the singer, she is very skilled since she actually blocked the throw and threw it back to the other side of the crowd swiftly. Thanks to the reaction of the security officers, Nicki’s performance was not canceled.

    This event shows the organizers’ inappropriate behavior, but the show continues after a power auction, thanks to Nicki’s professional performance and spirit. She conducted the performance and made sure everyone spent a wonderful evening with plenty of music. Even though Nicki seemed unprepared, she presented Big Sean and Sada Baby as Detroit guests, speaking without training to surprise her fans.

    The incident was captured on video by a TikTok user, @kimberly.gray5, and quickly went viral. The video shows Nicki’s quick reaction to the thrown object and her retaliation. Her facial expression made it clear that she would not tolerate such behavior.

    This isn’t the first time an event like this has happened, as it is reminiscent of a similar one that took place in July 2023 involving rapper Cardi B. She was performing in Las Vegas when someone threw a drink at her, so she discharged her microphone at the person.

    Since the woman who was hit by the microphone also dragged the celebrity along with herself directly to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, where she sued Cardi B, the police have charged her with “battery.” However, the subsequent investigation revealed that there is no evidence of the rapper’s throwing the mentioned microphone.

    These examples illustrate how risky live performances are for the performer. However, it also shows the commitment of these artists to their work. Even after such things, they continue to give an incredible performance.

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