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    Donald Glover Stars In The New Amazon Series “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”

    Working as a musician and actor just comes natural to Donald Glover. The 37-year-old is praised for being one of the most influential black talents in Hollywood. He’s won several Grammy awards and even a Primetime Emmy for the success of his FX show Atlanta. A songwriter, rapper, comedian, director and an actor, the guy gives the word talent a whole new meaning. Now Donald Glover’s acting career just got a major boost after getting cast into the Mr. & Mrs. Smith Amazon series.

                    Glover In The Rebooted Mr. & Mrs. Smith

    Mr. & Mrs. Smith
    via GQ

    Not too many musicians can make a successful transition from music to film. Donald Glover, however, proves that he can juggle both music and acting without loosing a sweat. The 37-year-old just dropped his 3-15-2020 album back in March of last year. After dropping the record, he initially planned to retire. Though, the Atlanta star couldn’t let go of the ‘Childish Gambino era’ just yet. He certainly made no plans to retire from film, either.

    The Grammy-award musician hopped on Instagram this past Friday to reveal some major news. The 37-year-old announced that he will star in the new Mr. & Mrs. Smith Amazon series. Looks like he’ll be playing the new Brad Pitt. Both Glover and his co-star Fleabag’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge celebrated the good news with a little comedic relief. The Atlanta star attempted to conduct a TikTok video only for Waller-Bridge to cut in and steal the show. The Fleabag actress did a silly mock version of the Silhouette Challenge. Hopefully these two will make this version of the tv series worth our wild. The last 2006-2007 Mr. & Mrs. Smith ABC tv series didn’t make it pass the pilot episode.

               Donald Glover’s Dominates The Film Industry

    Mr. & Mrs. Smith
    via Highsnobiety

    Even before Donald Glover bagged the Mr. & Mrs. Smith Amazon series, most of the world already considered him an established actor. Glover has taken on the lead role in several movies like the live-action 2019 film The Lion King, Solo: A Star Wars Story, and Spider-Man: Homecoming. Honestly, the guy just oozes creativity and talent. Who’s ready to see the Atlanta star play an assassin?

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