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    Doja Cat Surgery Makes Her Go Cold Turkey On Vaping

    Doja Cat’s surgery highlights one of her habits. Bad habits can be difficult to quit, especially when we’re addicted to them. Vaping has become one of the trendiest smoking methods used among our younger generation. While it’s said to have less harmful effects than lighting a cigarette, recent information shows a different story. 

    Among the many celebrities that vape, Doja Cat found out just how dangerous those electronic cigarettes can be. Recently, the “Say So” rapper had throat surgery performed on her after doctors discovered an infectious growth. As a result of Doja Cat’s surgery, she’s giving up vaping cold turkey. Until further notice, Doja Cat shows have been cancelled.

    The Doctor Finds A Growth On Her Tonsils

    It’s pretty serious for a star to have any type of throat infection, especially when it comes to their voice. Grammy-award winning artist Doja Cat has fans who love her singing voice, as well as her rap skills. Not to mention, the artist loves her own voice, and plans to keep it intact. Ahead of the Billboard Music Awards 2022, doctors informed the artist that she had infected tonsils as a result of vaping. Furthermore, Doja Cat has admitted to smoking electronic cigarettes constantly all day.  Unfortunately, she forgot to take her antibiotics and allowed the infection to persist.

    On Thursday, the star took to Twitter to inform fans that the doctors removed an abscess from her already infected tonsils. Furthermore, Doja Cat described the surgery as being a very painful experience. From her post, she vowed never to go through “that type of pain” ever again. It’s no wonder she plans to go cold turkey.

               The Quirky Artist Quits Vaping Cold Turkey

    cold turkey
    via Dlisted

    On Instagram, the rapper told fans that she plans to stop vaping. In a post, she explained that she’s practicing willpower, despite not throwing away the electronic cigarette. Still, Doja Cat assured that she’s strong enough not to depend on a hit. Unfortunately, the rapper has a long way to go before she can quit vaping cold turkey.

    Hopefully Doja Cat’s surgery went well though.

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