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    Doja Cat Struggles With Hot One’s Challenge, Explains Album Title Change

    Doja Cat Spills the Beans on Album Title Change and Rocking a Bald Head on Fiery ‘Hot Ones’ Interview!

    Doja Cat recently sat down with Sean Evans on Hot Ones, and they talked about a bunch of interesting stuff, including her album title change. She dropped her album, Scarlet, on September 22, but originally, it was called Hellmouth, as she shared back in March. She mentioned that she didn’t choose the name for its deep meaning; she just thought Hellmouth sounded cool.

    As time went on, the name Hellmouth began to feel a bit too intense, and Doja Cat had doubts about whether it still resonated with her. She’s someone who often changes her mind, and eventually, Scarlet seemed like the perfect alternative. It gave off the right vibe and felt like the right choice for her. It’s a nod to her previous album, Hot Pink. She went with a color name, but she wanted people to think of “Scarlet” as a person’s name, not just a color, and red is a passionate shade.

    They also chatted about their shared shaved head look while munching on spicier and spicier chicken wings. Doja Cat shaved her head last year, and she still loves it. She finds it freeing because she can focus more on her outfits and not worry about her hair. Managing hair can be quite a hassle, and Doja Cat loves the idea of flaunting a stylish outfit with her bald head. She emphasized that there are numerous stunning women who proudly rock a bald look, and she’s delighted to be part of that group.

    Doja, who’s self-proclaimed “addicted to the internet,” also talked about her recent online obsession: YouTube poop. She explained that it’s a sub-genre of YouTube comedy where people edit talk shows to make it sound like someone is saying outrageous and crass things. She particularly enjoys the ones featuring Dr. Phil. She finds these YouTube poops to be a deep and intriguing rabbit hole on the internet, which keeps her coming back for more.

    Throughout the show, Doja handled the spicy challenges pretty well, but she had a coughing fit at the end. However, that didn’t stop her from completing a custom monster doodle inspired by Hot Ones. She’s quite the creative artist!

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