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    Doja Cat Shuts Down Paris Fashion Week In Red Swarovski Crystals

    Doja Cat is recognized for her distinctive rap abilities and offbeat persona. The singer of “So Say” effortlessly demonstrates her ability to push boundaries. During a Paris fashion week show, all attention was on Doja Cat as she made a bold entrance, fully adorned in red body paint, perfectly complemented by Swarovski crystals.

     Doja Cat Covers Herself In 30,000 Swarovski Crystals

    During her childhood, Doja Cat always stood out among her peers. She recalls a middle school teacher who used to mock her for wearing unconventional and vibrant outfits. Now, that same teacher must eat their words as Doja Cat has risen to become one of today’s biggest artists. Known for her iconic and otherworldly style, the rapper of “I Need To Know” effortlessly commands the spotlight.

    Her fashion prowess even outshined Kylie Jenner’s ensemble, which featured a severed lion head, at Paris Fashion Week. At the Schiaparelli haute couture show, Doja Cat made a grand entrance in a striking red ensemble.

    She posed gracefully in a red gown adorned with a beaded skirt, while the attention-stealing element was her 30,000 Swarovski crystals. It took nearly 5 hours to create this look, and we can’t help but wonder how she managed to navigate wearing all those crystals and body paint.

                She’s A Red Inferno

    Makeup artist Pat McGrath couldn’t contain her excitement over Doja Cat’s stunning red ensemble at Paris Fashion Week. McGrath took to Instagram to share the behind-the-scenes process of creating the mesmerizing “Inferno beauty look” for the star. The makeup artist explained that Doja Cat’s red outfit was intended to resemble a living sculpture, and it undeniably captivated everyone’s attention.

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