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    Doja Cat Defends Her & Britney Spears Choice To Shave Their Heads

    During a recent interview, Doja Cat defended her & Britney Spears choice to shave their heads.

    When Doja debuted her buzzcut last year, she quickly drew comparisons to when Britney Spears shaved her head back in 2007. At the time, Spears was going through a major divorce and rehab. She was also under a conservatorship, which was managed by her father.

    Spears’ reaction to the shock of her new look was accompanied by a wave of social media trolls who were quick to jump to conclusions about her mental state. Many even claimed that she was a “mental ill” because of her dramatic new style.

    But, in an interview with Variety, Doja revealed that she finds these comments to be incredibly disrespectful and sexist. She sat down to discuss her decision to buzzcut her hair and eyebrows and explained why she felt it was necessary to do so.

    Doja Cat Embraces Her Shaved Head

    Doja Cat Shaved Head
    via NME

    She also carries herself with a certain sense of anarchy, and is constantly trying new things. In addition to showing herself in closeups with no makeup and shooting herself on Instagram Live taking her dogs for a walk before she decides to spontaneously take a pee, she’s also made headlines with some seriously shocking or hilarious looks at Paris fashion week.

    In her interview with Variety, Doja Cat discussed the internet debate that erupted after she buzzed off her hair and eyebrows last year. She said that on the day she decided to shave her head, she felt like it was time for a change. She added that her decision to shave was a way to “delete the negative energy that was surrounding me.”

    Doja Cat Defends Her New Look

    When Doja debuted her buzzcut, she quickly drew comparisons from fans who were quick to jump to conclusions about her emotional state. The singer/rapper stated that she found these comments to be incredibly disrespectful and offensive. She also revealed that she feels she is more free with her shaved head and is exploring different hairstyles.

    The 27-year-old musician, who is based in Los Angeles and partly raised in New York, has a unique style which combines a blend of hip-hop with pop. She has a number of high-profile collaborators, but she often makes her own beats, and she’s always trying new things.

    Her newest single is called “Woman,” and it’s a standout. It’s a blend of sung and rapped music that is full of emotion and dynamics. The song features Doja Cat and rapper Lil Uzi Vert.

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