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    Does Drake Have Another Son?

    Some celebrities just can’t seem to stop fans from trespassing on their property. In recent months, Drake has been the subject of interest for a few overzealous fans. Unfortunately, these hardcore Drake lovers have showed up to the rapper’s doorstep unannounced. Recently, a strange man showed up to the Honestly, Nevermind rapper’s home, claiming Drake was his father. Looks like Drake may have fathered another son.

    Man Claims Drake Is His Father

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    Drake’s love life has far more media attention than it deserves. Unfortunately, the press can’t seem to get enough of the rapper’s dating life. He’s been at the center of dating rumors for years, often linked to female stars like Serena Williams. Apparently, the media has pinned the rapper as a womanizer.

    Back in 2018, the media really had a field day when Drake confirmed he shared a son with former French model and adult film actress, Sophie Brussaux. Now it looks like Drake might be the father of two sons, after an intruder claimed the rapper was his dad.

    Recently, the LAPD arrested a man for trespassing on Drake’s newly bought $75 million estate in Beverly-Hills. Furthermore, an employee stationed at the rapper’s home reported seeing the 23-year-old man wandering around by the pool house. When police questioned the man, he revealed that he wanted to meet his dad aka Drake in person. Many of us probably wish that we were related to a rap star. Though, the intruder’s claims seem a bit far fetched.

    Did Drake Press Charges?

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    Understandably so, the police weren’t buying the man’s story, given that he’s 23 years old. There’s no word on whether or not Drake plans to press charges against the guy. Hopefully, the “God’s Plan” rapper decides to let the guy go with a warning. More importantly, let’s hope Drake doesn’t have another son running around.

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