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    DMX’S Posthumous Album “Exodus” Is Dropping This Month

    A Posthumous DMX Album “Exodus” is dropping on May 28th and the rappers fans can not wait.

    Producer Switz Beatz made the announcement that late rapper DMX’S Posthumous album “Exodus” is dropping this month.

    Prior to his death, DMX had begun to do a lot more media and interviews in promotion on his upcoming album. Always a poignant and wisdom-fueled individual, no matter how complex, the late Earl Simmons just had an aura about him that you could feel.

    In his recent interviews on such podcasts as Drink Champs, X was showing his age not only in appearance but in demeanor. There was something calm, and somber about the dog man’s vibe, that was more peaceful than his usual.

    Hopefully, that is what that was, Peace, let us pray that before his passing DMX had finally found peace within himself. However, just because the rapper is no longer here with us in person, doesn’t mean we don’t get that album he was working on.

    Speaking to Billboard, Switz Beatz expressed, “My brother X was truly one of the kindest and most exceptional individuals I’ve ever encountered. He devoted his life to his family and music. Above all, he was incredibly giving and had immeasurable love for his fans. This album meant the world to X, and he eagerly anticipated sharing it with his unwavering supporters worldwide, to demonstrate just how much he cherished each and every person who stood by him.”

    The album shares the same name as DMX’s son Exodus Simmons, while specific details like tracklist and features are unconfirmed.

    Let us know if you are excited about the DMX Posthumous album “Exodus” in the comments.

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