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    DMX Used to Blinds Paparazzi with Dazzling Anti-Flash Scarf!

    Remember those childhood pranks where you shine a flashlight right back at someone trying to take your picture? Well, DMX took that up a notch with a special anti-paparazzi scarf.

    You heard that right. DMX had a scarf custom-designed to screw with those annoying flashbulbs paparazzi love. See, the scarf doesn’t reflect the light so much as the flash. It reflects the flash back at the camera — overloading it, essentially. So while DMX is shrouded in shadow, the scarf itself is the star, shining nearly as bright as a disco ball.

    To be fair, DMX isn’t the only celeb who’s used this secret weapon. Big names like Paris Hilton, Beyoncé, and Jay-Z have all sported the “Ishu scarf,” as it’s known. The story behind the scarf is actually very cool. Saif Siddiqui invented it in 2009 after a bike reflector ruined one of his photos. Let’s just say he turned lemons into lemonade . . . or should we say, flashbulbs into disco balls?

    However, as you know, every medal has its reverse side. This thing can not only provide privacy but also help celebs to hide from the truth about their actions.

    With technology like this, one thing is for sure. The fight between celebrities and paparazzi is going to keep getting more fun! We wonder what the anti-paparazzi gadgets will think of next?

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