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    DJ Smiles is On The Rise

    DJs are essential in the music industry. They not only play music for the audience but also provide music knowledge to their listeners. When a new artist emerges, they often approach DJs to have their songs played. They possess the remarkable ability to provide artists with invaluable insights regarding the engagement levels of their music among fans, shedding light on both the songs that strike a chord and those that may require a touch of artistic evolution.

    A DJ can completely change the atmosphere of an event with their choice of music. They have the ability to bring energy and excitement to a musical gathering like no other. Dj Smiles from Iowa is a perfect example of someone who recognizes the influence of music. His skills have earned him tours with renowned artists and the chance to explore different parts of the world. Having an ear for music turned into a career that has changed his life.

    We asked DJ Smiles “Where do you hope to see your career grow in the next 5 years? He said, “In 5 year I plan to be on top in the industry and become a gatekeeper to help get people in those rooms”.

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    Latest Posts

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