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    Dj Schemes Might Be One Of The Best DJs Out

    Brooklyn, New York native and Shade 45 affiliated disk jockey DJ Schemes has found a following nationwide with his signature radio mixes on 93.9WKYS and a platinum plaque from Lil Baby.

    He’s one of the most exciting and diverse DJs worldwide who has found a calling being an authentic ear for music who not only loves pushing the culture but also does it in a manner that applies to the artist’s growth.

    Thanks to his Jamaican roots, he’s one of one and is rooted in genuine worldwide music taste.

    He realized he had an ear for mixing at an early age. He attributes his foundation of success to his family members, who were also DJs, and who exposed him to clubs in New York, where he studied what moved the crowd and what didn’t.

    Over the years, he studied other DJs like most students study textbooks. During his undergraduate studies at West Virginia University, he continued to apply the lessons and practice he learned earlier and became a highly successful and respected DJ in the local area.

    He also became an active member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.

    DJ Schemes would most likely be on the turntables if there were talk of a great party that could not be missed.

    After college, he relocated to the DMV, where many of his loyal fans continued the next phase of their lives, still partying with their beloved DJ. DJ Schemes also recently picked up the production side of music and is becoming one of the best DJs worldwide.

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