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    Three6Mafia’s DJ Paul Claps Back About Gangsta Boo Funeral Absence

    Fake love is the worst kind of love. Death and incarceration are two situations that truly reveal the true nature of family and friends. In the case of Gangsta Boo’s recent news, her funeral was undoubtedly an emotionally charged event. However, there were reports of DJ Paul’s absence, which upset some people.

    In response, DJ Paul took to social media to express his shock and disappointment at being accused of disrespect. He clarified that his absence was due to a prior business commitment, namely a concert and that he personally covered the expenses of the funeral. DJ Paul emphasized that attending funerals is not something he is comfortable with, and people should respect others’ ways of grieving.

    It’s understandable that DJ Paul made this choice. Funerals can have a profound impact on one’s mental well-being, and not everyone is able to handle them. Non-attendance doesn’t equate to lack of care. The bond within the Three Six Mafia is unbreakable, and DJ Paul shouldn’t have had to justify himself.

    People on the internet should learn to respect others’ choices and refrain from prying into their personal lives. I personally relate to DJ Paul’s stance on funerals, as they can be filled with insincere individuals who never showed support when you were alive.

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