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    DJ Khaled’s New Album GOD DID Features Some Of The Best Names In Music


    While most of you may know him for his infamous recurring phrase “We The Best Music,” DJ Khaled does more than shout on various tracks. As an artist, Khaled’s music relies on the mix of his tracks with other artists. Khaled is mixing it up with his new album God Did featuring artists like Drake, Future, SZA, 21 Savage, Jay-Z, and many more.


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    JAY-Z Feature

    JAY-Z Feature

    According to Complex, Khaled’s highly anticipated 13th album reportedly features some of Jay Z’s best bars. The 8-minute track titled “GOD DID”, featuring Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, John Legend, & Fridayy, has become one of the most popular tracks on the album. Jay-Z rarely appears on tracks these days so this feature stands out to many. Khaled is best known for his ability to gather some of the best names in music onto one album. Consequently, he receives a lot of attention to his music, and this album is no different.

    Some top hits from the album like “No Secret”, “God Did”, “Use This Gospel”, and “Big Time.” Unlike his previous albums, Khaled shifted his focus to rap and hip hop collaborations. With a special hit with Future and SZA titled “Beautiful.”

    When No-one Believed In Him, God Did

    The album’s name God Did references Khaled’s beliefs that when no one believed in him, God still did. Throughout the album Khaled makes sure to emphasize God’s cosign on the album. Khaled’s ability to gather some of the best names in rap and hip-hop music carries this album. The D.J really understand the music industry and strategically gathers top artists for all his collaborations.



    In his recent youtube video, music critic Anthony Fantano rated Khaled’s new album giving him a “light five” on a. scale from 1-10. Fantano frequently threw shade at Khaled throughout the review. When referencing the album Fantano stated: “Despite all spiritual ty-ins on this LP, this is pretty much just another DJ Khaleld album.”

    Recently, Khaled attended the 2022 VMAs where many said that he wouldn’t stop screaming the phrase “God Did”. Many Twitter users made a meme of this. Yet, part of Khaled’s persona is his famous shouting on various music tracks. This persona translates into real life when he continues to do this on the public stage. Part of this is to promote his album but he’s well-known for doing this when promoting something or not.

     We The Best Music

    While Khaled’s new features different artists and incorporates new one’s, it doesn’t really stand out much to me. Some of the lyrics are messy but the collaborations and music bring this album to light. However, Khaled manages to produce some of the most catchy music in the game. While his methods haven’t changed, I would argue that they are just consistently effective.

    Moreover, I do enjoy the meaning behind the album’s name. While this isn’t my favorite album ever, it’s definitely solid all around. The DJ does have a keen ear for great music consistently producing catchy tracks we can’t seem to get out of our heads.

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