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    Another One: DJ Khaled Works On His 13th Album

    DJ Khaled Makes Another One

    DJ Khaled knows what’s hot and what’s not. The long-time hypeman and DJ has released hit record after hit record for several years. He’s even worked with some of the biggest stars out there, such as Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber, Drake and Megan Thee Stallion. At this point, DJ Khaled has loads of friends in high places. Furthermore, the hype man just announced that he’s working on his 13th studio album. Even better, he’s getting help from the likes of 21 Savage to make his next album.

    DJ Khaled Hard At Work On His 13th Album

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    When it comes to DJ Khaled, the man has an ear for great music. Cesar Millan may be the dog whisperer, but Khaled is the song whisperer. Recently, the “POPSTAR” rapper posted a photo of himself and 21 Savage on Instagram. Further details revealed that Khaled took the photo from inside his Miami home, where they sampled some new vocals. Additionally, the hype man included various other photos of himself and 21 Savage hard at work in the studio booth. 

    Previously, the two collaborated on the track “Let It Go” featured off the hype man’s 2021 album Khaled Khaled. Clearly, the pair liked working together so much that they decided to give it another go. There’s no doubt that Khaled’s 13th album will be just as great as the last, if not better.

    He’s Feeling Himself

    Having a musical arsenal of 12 albums with another one on the way, is an achievement that many artists of today haven’t achieved. DJ Khaled makes the impossible seem possible. There’s no doubt from his posts that he’s feeling himself right now. 

    Furthermore, DJ Khaled stopped by Trick Daddy’s YouTube series I Got My Pots where he revealed that he’s not interested in competing with anyone on a VERZUZ battle. DJ Khaled warned challengers that they might want to check his catalog beforehand. Turns out the guy has over 15 years in the music business. That’s a tough number to beat. With his 13th album on the way, that’ll only solidify his elite status.

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