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    DJ Khaled Hunted Down Bryson Tiller For A Verse

    Grammy-award winning artist DJ Khaled has worked with the biggest names in hip-hop. He understands the culture and makes every opportunity to put forth a great record. In fact, he’ll go to great lengths just to ensure the completion of a record. During a recent interview, DJ Khaled revealed that he tracked down Bryson Tiller for his verse on the “Wild Thoughts” collab.

      DJ Khaled Climbed Over Bryson Tiller’s Gated Entrance

    When it comes to DJ Khaled, he doesn’t play any games. He especially doesn’t do so when it comes to meeting deadlines. In a recent interview with Drink Champs, the famous music producer revealed that he hunted down Bryson Tiller for his verse on “Wild Thoughts.”

    Furthermore, the music producer praised Rihanna’s verse and sung nothing but praises for her work. However, he needed Bryson to redo his verse to fit the song better. While Bryson agreed to revise his work, he failed to do so in a timely manner.

    “I’m calling Bryson, my album come out in like in two weeks,” he said during the interview. DJ Khaled went from texting the superstar singer, to calling him and eventually, decided to show up outside his house. Moreover, DJ Khaled admitted that he even attempted to climb the gated entrance to Bryson’s house just to get the singer’s attention. That’s a lot of work to go through just for one record.

                Why The Singer Didn’t Answer His Calls

    Bryson Tiller
    via SoundCloud

    Eventually, Bryson Tiller met the music producer outside before the man truly injured himself. Furthermore, the singer redid his verse and the 2017 collab “Wild Thoughts” went on to become the hit that it is today.

    Though, the music producer still doesn’t understand why Bryson kept dodging his calls. The singer revealed that he’d been hard at work on his “surprise” album, True To Self, which was scheduled for release that same year. Even so, Bryson Tiller could’ve gave DJ Khaled a heads up!



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