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    Dj Khaled and Fat Joe Invite Fans To Joint-OnlyFans Account

    Celebrity friendships are almost always friendship goals. HipHop hypemen, DJ Khaled and Fat Joe spend their days shooting hoops, making music, sharing dinners and even doing live streams together. The HipHop stars decided to take their friendship to the next level after announcing the upcoming launch of their joint OnlyFans account. Not only will the hipsters have a good time, but they’ll invite their fans to the party as well.

                DJ Khaled and Fat Joe Invite Fans To OnlyFans Joint Account

    via AIllHipHop

    Fans will suffer a positivity overload after listening to Khaled and Joe spread good vibes. The two men are both known for their inspirational meme’s and catchphrases. The two long-time friends created a joint OnlyFans account that’ll give fans the positivity boost they need to get through the day. Additionally, the fans will have a chance at interacting with their favorite hypemen and receive plenty of exclusive content from the stars. That might even include new music. “We wanted to build a positive and supportive community. We aim to connect with our real fans,” Fat Joe stated in a press release. That just goes to show much the two care about their fans. Given the pandemic, people need a lot of good news they can get. The fans will receive an invite to party with hypemen on January 25th.

                    Fat Joe And DJ Khaled’s Friendship

    via Complex

    The pair have remained friends for years now and even jumpstarted each other’s careers. For instance, in 2005 Fat Joe convinced a major music label executive to cut DJ Khaled a deal. During his pitch, Fat Joe affectionately referred to the “DJ as a version of himself, but on steroids.” Since then, the two have gushed over each other in interviews and on social media. Their bromance went to the next level with the launch of their joint OnlyFans account. Who wouldn’t want an invite to the biggest party happening over social media?


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