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    Let’s dive into the rising star of the industry, DJ DEZ 804, also known as “Mattress God.” Undoubtedly, he is a popular rapper who has captured the hearts of many. Desmond Chapman, a versatile rapper with a stage name DJ DEZ 804, has faced challenges in establishing himself in the industry. However, his unique style and broad vision hint at the potential for a global breakthrough.

    In 2018, his single and music video, “Heater,” went viral, garnering immense popularity. Listeners were captivated by the catchy hooks and found joy in his music. As an independent artist, DJ DEZ 804 has paved his own path, opening doors to greater opportunities and expanding his creative horizons.

    Based in Richmond, Virginia, DJ DEZ 804 produces unconventional and distinctive sounds that set him apart.

    DJ DEZ 804 aims to maintain his dominance in the music industry while upholding his strong principles. He firmly believes that others’ opinions hold no accountability, and they only become facts when we allow them to.

    What makes his music remarkable is its authenticity. Each lyric and word he delivers speaks the truth. DJ DEZ 804 expresses his thoughts through rhymes and soothing beats, ensuring that his listeners feel his genuine emotions and honesty.

    Stay connected with DJ DEZ 804 on Instagram.

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