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    DJ Akademiks Throws Shade at Rapper Blueface Over His House That’s in Pre-Foreclosure

    In a recent livestream, DJ Akademiks revealed that one of Blueface’s residences is in pre-foreclosure. A few days after the stream, the LA based rapper took to Twitter to respond.

    Akademiks revealed that Blueface house is in foreclosure 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶 PIC.TWITTER.COM/F9FA6UPBG7

    — 🌏🌏 The Oracle/ ARISHEM🔱💨 (@piperboywilliam) JANUARY 20, 2023

    He claims the rapper is broke.

    Blueface faced allegations of drug use as it was confirmed by several individuals, including DJ Akademiks, who also mentioned Blueface’s claim that Drake followed his girlfriend out of infatuation. The rapper, however, didn’t appreciate the disrespect and defended himself against accusations.

    In response to the situation, Blueface addressed the issue of his second house being labeled a “nuisance” by the police due to multiple incidents like robberies, shootings, and fights. He countered DJ Akademiks’ insinuations about his financial status, stating that money can’t solve everything and pointing out that Akademiks is merely renting a single house.

    Key word is they “trying” garantee they don’t an I will still have more houses then @Akademiks at his old age

    — blueface (@bluefacebleedem) JANUARY 23, 2023

    The shade and disses definitely had Blue’s attention for a while.

    A 31 year old man Ina room on twitch thanking people for donations playing with him self could never be me at 31

    — blueface (@bluefacebleedem) JANUARY 23, 2023

    Blueface let out a flurry of tweets about Akademik’s age.

    Barely leasing your first house at 31 talking high powered is crazy work

    — blueface (@bluefacebleedem) JANUARY 23, 2023

    Ak became the prize at 31 😂 bingo prize ass nigga I’m on yo head foresure

    — blueface (@bluefacebleedem) JANUARY 23, 2023

     As well as his profession.

    Akademiks makes money off donations get a real job bro

    — blueface (@bluefacebleedem) JANUARY 23, 2023

    Before finally challenging him to a fight.

    I’ll take da fade ak 🥊 ?

    — blueface (@bluefacebleedem) JANUARY 23, 2023

    Bet not turn the fade down after you said all that for lil baby your next response better be yo best caught you Ina mouse trap now 👀

    — blueface (@bluefacebleedem) JANUARY 23, 2023

    Of course, in Twitter fashion, fans took to their accounts to fan the flames

    Blueface: I’m on yo head foresho


    — Shoboat (@Shobeezy) JANUARY 23, 2023

    This isn’t the first time that Akademiks didn’t mind his own business when it comes to Blueface. Is the seemingly retired rapper Blueface secretly broke? Does DJ Akademiks need to get a real job. Should the two step in the ring? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below?

    Urban Islands image source <—-

    I could tweet about @Akademiks all day lol ima sore winner 🥇

    — blueface (@bluefacebleedem) JANUARY 23, 2023


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