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    DJ Akademiks Hit With Shocking Rape & Defamation Lawsuit (Details Inside)

    Hip-hop commentary’s most divisive personality, DJ Akademiks, is embroiled in a scandal. Fauziya “Ziya” Abashe has sued Livingston Allen, better known as DJ Akademiks, for rape, sexual assault, and character assassination. The accusation has rocked the core of the genre and called into question the role of power, responsibility, and the future of hip-hop’s evolution.

    Abashe depicts the July 2022 night as a one to remember in the worst way possible. She states that she was invited to Akademiks’ residence in New Jersey, drugged, and then raped by two unknown men that were later joined by Akademiks. Following the police’s rape kit, Akademiks’ semen was proven to be in the mix. Additionally, the documented bruises also matched Abashe’s testimony. Akademiks however claims that he was asleep all throughout and denies all these claims.

    If proven true, this lawsuit can seriously affect Akademiks’ future. Legal advisors claim the severity of the potential consequences:

    “Cases like this can have a devastating impact on a defendant’s public image and professional standing, especially when the defendant wields significant influence within a particular industry”. 

    The lawsuits will be closely monitored, and the stakes are very high.

    The power that DJ Akademiks has in the hip-hop industry cannot be ignored. The real-time platform where he reports rap battles and comments on leading artists, including Drake, Future, and Kendrick Lamar, has influenced millions of people’s thought processes and conversations in the industry. 

    Akademiks has always been team Drake in the long-standing rivalry with Kendrick Lamar. Nonetheless, Kendrick’s new diss tracks, specifically “Euphoria” and “Not Like Us,” leave the commentator no choice but to admit Kendrick’s skill on the mic. Even though Akademiks is still confident in Drake’s comeback, the lawsuit inevitably raises questions regarding the man’s impartiality. Is he capable of delivering a credible verdict while being a stark Drizzy supporter?

    The story of DJ Akademiks is not finished yet. His court case and the trial will predict the course of action, and the aftermath on Hip Hop media is still unclear. Nonetheless, the industry and his fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming narrative.

    Lately, DJ Akademiks addressed the latest allegations against him & tried to make it clear that he is innocent!

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