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    Diplo Reveals His True Feelings About Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s Split

    Diplo’s Heartfelt Wishes to Joe Jonas Amidst Divorce Drama

    Recently, in an interview on “Watch What Happens Live,” Diplo, the famous DJ, shared his warm thoughts about Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner‘s divorce. It wasn’t just a mention; it was a sincere show of support. This came as the couple now has the task of co-parenting their two adorable daughters.

    Diplo took this chance to clear the air about the incident that stirred up so much fuss back in 2019. It was when he accidentally streamed Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s Las Vegas wedding. It sparked a lot of buzz and accusations of privacy invasion. But Diplo made it crystal clear that he never intended to create any drama on their big day. In fact, he even revealed that he might have played the role of their wedding DJ for a very modest fee, if not for free.

    This revelation might raise a few eyebrows, especially considering the friction between Diplo and Joe Jonas in the past. Joe publicly criticized Diplo for “spoiling” their private wedding with that surprise live-stream. However, Diplo went for a unique way to make amends. He chose to apologize through his “Lonely” music video.

    Diplo's comments on Joe Jonas divorce

    The divorce was officially confirmed earlier this month, with Joe Jonas filing the papers in Miami. Despite their separation, Sophie Turner continues to make waves in the news. Recently, she caught everyone’s attention by having dinner with none other than Joe’s ex, the pop sensation Taylor Swift.

    Diplo’s compassionate response to the divorce and his candid explanation of his role in their wedding give us a new perspective. It looks like everyone involved is aiming to move forward in a positive way, especially for the sake of their two precious daughters.

    Diplo’s live-streaming adventure caused quite a stir, but his recent words show that he genuinely wishes Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner all the best as they navigate this new chapter in their lives.

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