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    Diddy aka ‘Joker’ Gets Into Altercation With Power Actor

    For kids, Halloween is a holiday dedicated to wearing silly costumes and obtaining candy. But for adults, not only is it about the silly costumes but turning up.

    Fun fact, in the USA, Halloween is ranked #5 in overall alcohol consumption for holidays. That means people are getting more torn up than an ACL, on this day, especially celebrities.

    It may not surprise you, but Diddy was demonstrating absolute clown behavior this Halloween weekend.

    Random Encounter

    In a recent viral video, from what looks like a celeb costume party, Diddy almost got in a street brawl with actor, Michael J. Ferguson. For the sake of this article, I’m going to refer to him as 2Bit, since most people remember him from his role in the TV series Power.

    But yes, you read that right, what an odd encounter, especially with two people who’ve never had previous beef.

    Both Wanted the Smoke

    From the looks of it, Diddy was acting a damn fool, and trying too hard to be the Joker. You would’ve thought he was in an audition by the way he was behaving. He repeatedly kept badgering 2Bit, as if he was about that life.

    They were insanely close to squabbling, but luckily, people stepped in. Based on all the surrounding bystanders with clown masks on, this would’ve been far from a fair fight. They would’ve jumped 2Bit like he was Batman himself.

    As tensions started to cool, Diddy extended the olive branch, for taking it too far. He told 2Bit to “Come to the after party and change your vibration.” Whatever that means.

    All I know is somebody needs to cast this man as the Joker. He refused to break character. That’s true dedication. I wish he was this dedicated to paying his artists.

    Would you have given Diddy the hands if he stepped to you? Let us know below.


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