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    Did Kodak Black’s ‘Lauren London’ Comments Come Back To Haunt Him

    Many times celebrities say and express unpopular opinions that they shouldn’t say on social media. Unfortunately, the bad part about social media is that comments live on forever. Even worse, someone can use our comments against us.

    In Kodak Black’s case, the rapper walked away from Justin Bieber’s concert afterparty with a leg injury. Many entertainers have offered their theories on what led to the mega shootout and Black’s injury. Recently, Wack 100 proposed that Black’s Lauren London comments after Nipsey Hussle’s death incited the shootout. Talk about karma.

    Kodak Black Flirts With Lauren London After Nipsey Hussle’s Death

    Lauren London comments
    via Within Nigeria

    Everyone knows it’s bad luck to pursue a recent widow or widower. Apparently, Kodak Black had no prior reservations about pursuing late widower Lauren London. The actress lost her late boyfriend Nipsey Hussle back in March 2019. Furthermore, the two shared a son together. While Hussle’s death rocked the hip-hop nation, it especially left his former lover Lauren London in shambles. Most people respected London’s time to grieve over her recent loss. However, Kodak Black was more than eager to slide into the actress’s DMs.

    In April 2019, the rapper took to social media to express his interest in Lauren London.

    “Lauren London, she’s gonna be single now. She’s gonna be a widow. I’ll support her.”

    The comment comes off as cringey to say the least. No doubt the actress felt the same way after reading Black’s comment, which explains why she never responded.

    Wack 100 Thinks Kodak Black’s Lauren London Lead To The Shootout

    Lauren London comments
    via HotNewHipHop

    Kodak Black’s no stranger to flirting with successful, beautiful women from afar. Though, he took things too far after unabashedly pursuing Lauren London, who became a recent widower to Nipsey Hussle. Years later, his cringey comments would come back to haunt him.

    In the aftermath of Justin Bieber’s private concert shootout, many stars have a lot to say about the bizarre case. Even rappers like Wack 100 had plenty to say about Kodak Black sustaining a leg injury during the shootout.

    During his Clubhouse session, Wack 100 claimed an LA-based gangster shot up the place. More importantly, he suspects that Black’s ‘Lauren London’ comments struck a cord with this gangster. According to Wack 100, the shootout was a plan in the making.

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