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    Did Kendrick Lamar Copy Drake’s Flow on “The Hillbillies”?

    Kendrick Lamar and Baby Keem have been accused of copying Drake‘s flow on their new song “The Hillbillies.” Released May 31, 2023, it features an almost identical flow as that in Drake’s song “Sticky,” released June 17 2022.

    Plagiarism accusations have met with mixed responses; while some fans have supported Lamar and Keem by noting the flow is simply part of hip-hop‘s lexicon; others have accused them of being uncreative and lazy.

    Lamar and Keem have yet to respond to these allegations.

    Are Lamar and Keem Plagiarizing Drake?

    There has been much discussion over whether Lamar and Keem’s use of Drake’s flow constitutes plagiarism; while some individuals believe any unauthorised reproduction without proper credit constitutes plagiarism; other people hold that there can be a difference between inspiration and copying.

    “The Hillbillies” showcases Lamar and Keem as being inspired by Drake’s flow, but it could also have come about independently.

    At this stage, it will ultimately be up to the courts to rule on whether Lamar and Keem’s use of Drake’s flow constitutes plagiarism; however, these accusations have opened up a larger dialogue about creativity and originality in hip-hop music.

    Drake has become one of the most beloved and influential rappers worldwide, thanks to his catchy melodies, clever lyrics, and smooth flow.

    Drake can be heard influencing the music of numerous other rappers, including Lamar and Keem, with Lamar citing him as one of his main sources of inspiration.

    The Future of Hip-Hop

    Lamar and Keem’s allegations of plagiarism raise serious concerns for hip-hop’s future as it becomes more mainstream; as more allegations of plagiarized content surface.

    Remember that hip-hop is an art form built upon sampling and borrowing from other genres; however, there should be no confusion between being inspired and copying someone else.

    Time will only tell how Lamar and Keem’s accusations will influence the future of hip-hop, but one thing is certain: debate surrounding creativity and originality within hip-hop music continues unabated. Till then listen to both tracks and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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