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    Did Johnson & Johnson Began The Zombie Apocalypse?

    Johnson and Johnson had to stop Trials for a COVID-19 Vaccine due to “unexplained illness”. Is this the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse?

    Pharmaceutical giant Johnson and Johnson’s announcement of an unexplained illness stopping trials sounds like the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. At least that’s what every movie ever made about zombies would suggest.

    As if 2020 has not been crazy enough, a pharmaceutical company is dealing with an unexplained illness created in a laboratory.

    For months the Trump administration has promised a vaccine before the new year. However, citizens have a problem with the selection of companies chosen to create the vaccine.

    Furthermore, the possibility of an effective vaccine in such a short period of time is unlikely. What is more likely is a moviesque experience that creates some sort of living dead.

    Once upon a time this entire article would be satire and would have no real implications of the truth. Yet it’s, 2020 So… What are you guys planning to do during the zombie apocalypse? Should Johnson & Johnson headquarters be blown up now just to avoid this?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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