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    Did Gunna Snitch To Win His Freedom?

    Since Gunna’s release from Fulton County Jail, many fans and rappers have weighed in on the matter. In fact, many believe his sudden release from jail was too “clean.” Several people have made the assumption that Gunna’s plea deal consisted of the rapper giving up his YSL associate Young Thug. Though, his lawyer is setting the record straight. According to him, he did not snitch on his YSL associate.

    The Progression Of The YSL RICO Case

    In the last few months, the YSL RICO case has become one of the biggest gang busts in today’s world. Back in May, rappers Gunna and Young Thug, as well several other YSL associates, were accused of conspiracy. Making matters worse, they violated Georgia’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. Since Gunna and Young Thug’s incariatations, new evidence and charges have stacked up against them.

    Though, a light shined through at the end of the tunnel after Gunna was released from jail last Wednesday. According to reports, the rapper took an Alfred plea deal that granted him a reduced jail sentencing. The rest of his time would be spent doing community service. It seemed like a good deal for the rapper.

    Gunna Hasn’t Snitched On Anyone

    However, some people believe there’s more to Gunna’s story. As mentioned before many believe the Atlanta star snitched on his colleagues in exchange for his freedom. Desperate times do call for desperate measures.

    However, Gunna’s lawyer, Steve Sadow, makes it clear that his client remains loyal to his YSL associates, especially Young Thug. In fact, Gunna’s lawyer recently took to Instagram to assert that the snitching accusations are untrue. 

    “Gunna didn’t snitch to secure his release from jail. He has remained silent and is not cooperating. The statement he made during his plea cannot be used as evidence against any other defendant. Please refrain from spreading false information!” he wrote.

    What do you think?

    Is Gunna’s lawyer really telling the truth about his client’s plea deal? Leave your comments down below.

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