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    Did Fox Sports Analyst Skip Bayless Cross The Line?

    Fox Sports Analyst Skip Bayless expressed what many considered distasteful thoughts regarding Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James’ son. Bronny James is a high prospect coming out of high school and will soon be the “talk of the town” as his father was. However, many believed in the art of critique and journalism lines were crossed and it may not be a way of any real return, according to Awful Announcing. Ultimately, Bayless doubled down on his critique but for some odd reason didn’t understand the backlash he received from it. On Monday, Bronny went viral as the 17-year-old posterized someone during a high school game. Many were in disbelief of his athleticism and control while Bayless sought to “hate” or diminish Bronny’s praise.

    “Hey Bronny … impressive,” Bayless tweeted. “But your dad would’ve dunked it left-handed. You sure got away with it, though.”

    Naturally, Bayless was blasted by current and former players. Even a few of his colleagues blasted him the following morning!

    Skip Bayless’s Defense for His Claims

    Skip Bayless’ confusion about his backlash comes from misunderstanding. He believes when he was critiquing the play, he was commenting on someone who he believes will become the focal point of the show going forward.

    “I wasn’t criticizing Bronny, just making a comment about a young man who will be the center of attention moving forward.”

    Ultimately, Bayless is a master troll. He understands how to get under people’s skin and gain ratings for good or bad reasons. However, this “confusion” is a fallacy; he understood exactly what he was doing and as usual, his plan was executed to perfection. In fact, the first 11 minutes of this episode were dedicated purely to Bronny James by default making Bayless also the focal point of the discussion.

    Bayless admits he doesn’t watch or pay attention to any of his Twitter comments and reactions; he understands these are bad for his mental health. He understands the majority are negative comments and he can’t feed into them as if it was in person. While speaking about LeBron has generated millions for companies, the obsession Skip Bayless has over LBJ during his segments seems internal. James has yet to respond to Bayless no matter how much he’s tried to.

    “I don’t read my comments on Twitter,” Bayless claimed before noting his wife Ernestine monitored the reaction. “She says, ‘Well you did it again.’ I don’t look at my mentions and she said ‘I’m getting a bunch of Google alerts, you’re getting ripped for ripping this poor kid. You gotta lay off the kid.

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