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    Did Big Scarr’s Brother Just Shoot A Music Video At His Funeral?

    The death of a loved one can be difficult for anyone to stomach. Of course, people have different ways of grieving over the loss. However, we have to scratch our heads at the ones that go a bit overboard at the funeral service. Recently, Big Scarr’s brother who goes by the stage name Quezz Ruthless, shot a music video during the funeral service. That’s something we don’t see everyday.

    Quezz Ruthless’s Music Video Goes Viral

    There’s a place and time for everything. Though, shooting a music video at our recently deceased brother’s funeral is wrong in so many ways. Though, Quezz Ruthless did the unthinkable.

    Furthermore, the clip shows the rapper shooting the video outside his brother’s funeral, surrounded by family, friends and flashing camera lights. Additionally, Ruthless dons his brother’s 1017 necklace as he performs “Frozen Heart.” For all the wrong reasons, the music video has since gone viral. Just when we think we’ve seen it all, we haven’t.

    A Tribute To His Brother

    Moreover, the music video was shot for the Big Scarr tribute that took place Jan. 10. The tribute featured shots of hearses and the 1017 rapper’s family donning “RIP Frozone” t-shirts and jackets. Ruthless really took things up a notch at the funeral. Hopefully, the rapper’s family finds peace.

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