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    Dexter Revival, Season 9 Coming this Fall on Showtime


    Dexter Revival, Season 9 Coming this Fall on Showtime.

    Dexter Season 9 Sneak Peak / Trailer:

    Showtime’s Dexter is getting the revival treatment but not a reboot that seems to be the trend these days. Instead, the show is getting a limited, 10 episode, season 9 that is hoping to bring some closure to fans who hated the way the series ended. Fans are super excited to see via teasers that Dexter will be returning to his true nature. This update shows that he doesn’t really change from the vigilante serial murderer introduced early on in the series.

    Dexter Season 9, An Ending Cleanser: Keeping Dexter’s True Nature

    Previously on Dexter

    Dexter is getting the revival treatment. It will return for a limited engagement of 10 episodes. Season 9 will rewrite the series finale fans hated. Showtime | Dexter

    (Highlight text to reveal any posible spoilers)

    When we last saw Dexter, the serial killer was attempting to tie up loose ends while fleeing. He was well aware that his true nature would be exposed and as a result would be taken into custody, if caught. As a result of that knowlege, he sends Hannah away ahead of him with Harrison. Then, Dexter pushes to create some distance from them but reassuring he would join them later.

    A crucial driving force in this finale was his guilt and his sister Deb. The knowlege of what became of his inaction crippled him. Deb was one of the accepting family members in his life so it was upsetting for him to have disappointed her. upon her finding out his true nature. After killing Saxon, He goes back for one last visit with Deb, to comit a mercy killing. Dexter takes off with Deb’s body, wrapped in a white hospital sheet. Deb’s lifeless body sinks into the same waters where he’s dumped many other corpses.

    The storm is coming. By all appearances, Dexter will die, Right? But those presumptions are wrong. Hannah,  is made to believe t”Dexters’s Death.” The Series end approaches. After faking his death, Dexter gets away with all of his crimes. Simultaneousy, he throws away the chance of a “normal” existence, and exiles himself.  He sports an overgrown beard and lives in a cabin as a lumberjack. Thus, removing his danger to others. However, that is not the ending fans wanted for their beloved serial killer character, Dexter.

    Reviving a Beloved Series: Dexter Season 9

    When considering a revival, the primary objective was to rectify the botched ending. Hall told the  The Daily Beast, “Let’s be real: people found the way that show left things pretty unsatisfying.” The revival will be a limited-series event, 10-episodes.

    Cue the teaser for the revival, Dexter is living in a cabin in the woods. Gone is the big scruffy beard he had the last time we saw him. Instead, the groomed Dexter gives the audience a sly smile teases that the serial killer that has developed over the series is waiting to come back out this fall.

    Who Will Join the Revival?

    James Remar revealed that he will not return as the serial killer’s late father and guiding subconscious, Harry Morgan. So, who will be joining Michael C Hall’s Dexter in the revival? Lovecraft Country’s Jamie Chung, The Mandalorian’s Julia Jones The Morning Show’s David Magidoff  and Jane the Virgin’s Alano Miller.

    New identity, Mr. Jim Lindsay Small Town Guy

    Dexter is getting the revival treatment.
    Dexter is getting the revival treatment. It will return for a limited engagement of 10 episodes. Season 9 will rewrite the series finale fans hated. Dexter | Twitter | Teased Promo

    Dexter has moved to Iron Lake, upstate New York and assumed a new identy and career. The former blood splatter analyst is seen wearing a fleece vest bearing the logo for Fred’s Fish & Game. Apparently, Fred’s is located between a gun shop and a bait & tackle store. That is pertainent information regarding a vigilante serial murder. Also Noteable, Jim Lindsay is a well known fixture in this new small town that everyone seems to like. Who would suspect the well-liked fisher as a serial murder?  It sounds like Dexter has all the bases covered. 

    What Does Michael C Hall Think of the revival?

    Michael C Hall says countless times that timing was a key role in why he decided to revisit his role of Dexter. The timing was write and the original showrunner, Clyde Phillips was back on board so it was a no-brainer for Hall who is excited to jump into the new season and fix the errors of the Season 8 finale. Hall recently explained why now was the right time to bring Dexter back saying,

    “This one is based on the passage of time. It will unfold in real time, as if a significant amount of time has passed since the finale.”

    Dexter Teased Revival
    Dexter is getting the revival treatment. It will return for a limited engagement of 10 episodes. Season 9 will rewrite the series finale fans hated. Dexter | Showtime

    Now, that the original Dexter people were on board, it was a shift to now a great story must be told. Hall and Phillips brainstormed Season 9 both agreeing if the story wasn’t steller then it would not be told. 

    “We’ve reunited the creative team behind the show. Clyde Phillips, the showrunner for the first four seasons, is back in charge. Marcos Siega, one of the directors, is also on board. We’ll be shooting it like a 10-hour movie.”


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