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    Detroit’s “It Guy” Lil Blade Releases New EP On 21st Birthday

    Detroit’s Prince of rap Lil Blade, has blessed his fan with a celebratory new EP entitled Born Legend centered around his 21st birthday! As this young talent continues to take with rap flows to the next level, this offering showcases his natural abilities as an emcee and rising star.
    Within 7-tracks, Lil Blade serves up a mature, playboy esq project that features impressive contributions from former Motown signee Icewear Vezzo and Sterl Gotti. One song that stands out the most on Born Legend is track 4 titled “Scratching Down The 6” featuring Icewear Vezzo. They carry that gritty Detroit swag that has been popularized by Sada Baby, and 42 Dugg.
    Lil Blade has been beloved by his city since he was born. His father Darnell “Blade Icewood” Lindsay, who was known as one of the most influential rappers in the underground Detroit music scene, laid the foundation for his seed to carry on the musical throne. When Lil Blade started rapping in middle school, it took him no time to start building a name for himself. He is taking all he has learned from his father, the city of Detroit, and studying the game and directly infusing it into his creativity.
    The slick-talking playboy channels his inner Bill Bellamy for the whole EP. His calming Motor City tone and smooth beat selection lend well to his witty bars.
    Lil Blade is Detroit through and through. He embodies all of the qualities of a star rapper. The ladies love him, and the guys want to be him. He really is the “It Guy” of Detroit.
    Born Legend is a quality follow-up to his street classic Money Making Blade. Now that he has the city’s support musically, he looks forward to elevating his sound and dropping Money Making Blade 2 before the end of the summer. He and his whole team are poised to rise to prominence with the rest of the city’s rising acts.
    Click here to stream Lil Blade’s new Born Legend EP.

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