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    Detroit Female Rappers On The Run From The Law

    No matter how clever criminals think they are, there’s just no escaping the law. It’s nearly impossible to avoid the watchful eyes of Uncle Sam, too, especially the IRS. Everyone knows that owing money to the Internal Revenue Service is no joke.

    The government department will call and send intimidating letters until we fold under pressure. In more invasive cases, they’ll take our wages until we pay off the money we owe.

    While some of us know better than to outrun the IRS, others still try anyways. Recently, two Detroit female rappers Sameerah Crème Marrel and Noelle Brown, found themselves in trouble with the IRS after stealing $5 million in a high-stakes tax scheme. Now they’re on the run from the law.

    Two Detroit Female Rappers Commit Identify Theft

    Up and coming female MCs Sameerah Crème Marrel and Noelle Brown took no shame in their hustle. Unfortunately, funds didn’t seem to come in fast enough for the female rappers. In the end, both Marrel and Brown resorted to stealing cash.

    Furthermore, investigators have discovered that the female rappers committed Identity Theft and opened several fraudulent accounts under various people’s names.

    In total, the women filed 122 tax returns, with at least of 10 of them confirmed as fraudulent.

    Making matters worse, they even stole from their friend, CH’s Identity. Unfortunately, she received a tax return check from the IRS in the amount of $51,000. Additionally, CH was instructed by the female rappers to bring them a portion of that money, totaling $28, 975.

    After having been friends for 13 years, CH trusted them enough to go along with the plan. Afterall, Brown and Marrel promised they’d help her apply for a business grant. In the end, the Detroit rappers stole millions in dollars from the IRS.

    Dodging Court Hearings Is A Bad Look

    Clearly, Noelle Brown and Sameerah Crème Marrel did some very sketchy business on the side. Bad news continues to follow the two Detroit women after they refused to appear during court hearings several times.

    They won’t even show up to meetings with their lawyer. At least, they’d have a fighting chance or even time off their sentencing.

    Due to their deliberate absence, however, both women have had their bond revoked. A warrant has been issued out for their arrest as well. If caught, they’ll face up to an entire decade in federal prison. Guess they’ll be on the run for a while.


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