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    Desiigner Says “I Can’t Live Like This Anymore” Amidst Takeoff’s Death

    These days, being a rap star is like a double-edged sword. While we can bask in the fame and our fortunes, there’s always a constant target on our backs. Unfortunately, Migos’ Takeoff was the latest rapper to die at the hands of yet another gun violence case in Houston, TX. His death has undoubtedly affected fans and family alike. Even the entire HipHop community is shook, making some rappers consider giving up the mic. Recently, Desiigner made an emotional video post where he threatened to end his career for good due to Takeoff’s murder.

                Desiigner Walks Away From The Mic

    All year, rappers have told fans time and time again that they’re giving up rap music. Some want to pursue other entertainment careers or go back to school. Others, however, simply quit to enjoy the fruits of their labor and retire early. Though, most of them don’t stay gone for long.

    However, Takeoff’s death has made several rap stars uneasy. Ice T and others have said that LA isn’t safe for rap stars. Though, after Takeoffs death, nowhere is truly safe for rappers. Furthermore, Desiigner had plenty of emotional feels to unpack in the mist of Takeoff’s murder this week.

    Recently, the rapper did an Instagram Live on Tuesday night to tell fans that he’s giving up rap music for good. The “Panda” emcee pointed at a series of award plaques behind him, stating that he’s done with the life of a rap star. Additionally, Desiigner discussed the culture and how violence finds rappers at every turn. “I can’t live like this,” he said in the emotional Instagram Live. Hopefully, a change will come soon to stop these senseless murders.

                Rappers Keep Dying Year After Year

    Living the life of a celebrity can be challenging of course, but arguably, it shouldn’t have to result in death. In the last few years, we’ve lost great stars and newcomers alike such as PnB Rock, Pop Smoke and Nipsey Hussle. This week, the world of hip hop lost Migos star rapper Takeoff. His death hits home for many hip hop stars. Nonetheless, death and rappers shouldn’t have to go hand and hand.

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