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    Deshaun Watson Sexual Assault Allegations

    Texans QB Deshaun Watson faces 16 separate accounts of sexual misconduct. Watson and attorney Rusty Hardin, however, claim falsehoods in the accusations. All 16 civil lawsuits fall under the umbrella of one lawyer, Tony Buzbee. Buzbee entered the first lawsuit into court on March 16, 2021. He represents multiple women. He guaranteed more allegations would soon surface. The women claim Watson committed acts of sexual misconduct and/or assault against them. According to the Associated Press, Buzbee says the legal action is not about money. For instance, the woman suing Watson are seeking the minimum payout in a civil court in the state of Texas.

    The allegations came storming in from multiple estheticians and massage therapists. Many claim Deshaun Watson exposed himself inappropriately during massages. Watson now looks to Hardin to clear his name. Hardin issued a statement denying any allegation that Deshaun coerced a woman into a sexual act, calling it completely false.

    The first lawsuit filed refers to events that occurred in March 2020. It states that the events took place in the home of the massage therapist he hired to work on him. Subsequently, 15 more claims quickly materialized, bringing his total to 16. Watson is also accused of assaulting the same woman twice. A lawsuit filed early this week referred to Watson as a “serial predator.”

    Deshaun Watson tweeted as part of a longer statement, “…I have never treated any woman with anything other than the upmost respect… this isn’t about money for me – it’s about clearing my name, and I look forward to doing that.”

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