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    Derrick Henry Workout Shows Ridiculous Stability

    A video of a ridiculous Derrick Henry workout is making the rounds. The Titan’s running back rushed for 2,027 yards in 2020 and reached the end zone 17 times. He also won the AP NFL Offensive Player of the Year Award. Watching the video, it seems as if he’s ready to run twice that amount and stiff-arm even the deadliest linebacker out of his shoes.

    In the video we see Henry with his feet raised and balanced on a large stability ball. He holds his arms out shoulder-width apart, gripping a green stretch band pulled tight across a squat rack. He’s basically in a raised plank position that to a normal person would be an ungodly stability nightmare. Oh, and I forgot to mention the thick boat chain hanging from his neck. Henry then does a set of push-ups in this position as if they’re routine. The Derrick Henry workout proves one thing. He’s an absolute physical specimen both on the field and in training.

    His robot-like athleticism and Madden stiff-arms made him one of the most talked-about NFL players last season. He’s also at the top of the food chain in Draftkings Fantasy Football targets and is in the prime of his career.

    This type of superhuman behavior would have undoubtedly inspired me and my old high school teammates to attempt such workouts in our weight room. And our strength and conditioning coach would have chewed-us out for our naivete. We are not like the stud running back. And no, the Derrick Henry workout is not for people like us.

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