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    Dennis Rodman Off To Russia To Help Brittney Griner

    Five-time champion and NBA Hall of Famer, Dennis Rodman exclaimed this weekend that he plans to visit Russia to help seek the release of WNBA star Brittney Griner.

    In early August, Griner was convicted by the Russian Court. After being detained for 5 ½ months, the court sentenced her to nine years in prison for drug charges. The news left the world in shock as many Americans sympathize with the 6x WNBA All-star and 2x Olympic gold medalist.

    U.S. Discourages Rodman’s Trip

    Rodman says he has received permission to go to Russia to help Griner. However, Biden’s administration does not agree or approve of his efforts. Instead they believe he is more likely to hurt than help Griner’s situation. Rodman does not need permission from the United States to enter Russia. But due to the tension between America and Russia, a travel advisory has been issued, which discourages citizens to visit Russia.

    President Biden and his administration are still currently working on the prisoner swap option. Biden has already signed off on the releasing of Russian arms dealer, Viktor Bout who is currently serving a 25-year sentence. Bout will be exchanged for Griner and Paul Whealen, former marine. Sadly, Moscow has not accepted the offer to exchange these prisoners. They are actually leaning towards rejecting the prisoner swap unless two Russians are released in exchange for the two Americans.

    Rodman’s Informal Diplomacy

    This is not Rodman’s first time interacting with international leaders who do not have the best relationship with the United States. In recent years, Rodman has formed a bond with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. He has made several visits to the secluded nation, possibly being the only courageous American to do so.

    He has also taken trips to Moscow meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin, who he describes as cool and knows so well. Putin’s approval on the prisoner swap is the last step to getting Griner home safely. But there are many factors that add to the tensions between the two countries. It is unlikely for Rodman to travel to Russia and safely return or make any progress for Griner. It has been said that Russia is using Griner as a political pawn. Rodman’s efforts may go unnoticed until they receive exactly what they want which he himself cannot physically provide.


    The United States strongly urged Rodman not to attempt this mission so he has taken a step back. No information about Rodman actually traveling to Russia has been declared. Instead he clarified that he was not going and the trip was not in motion yet.

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