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    Democrat Jaime Harrison Claps Back with Fundraising Record

    Democrat Jaime Harrison campaign raises millions 

    Jaime Harrison knew it would be a challenge running against Republican incumbent Lindsay Graham. Harrison continues to be strong, confident and raise a lot of money.

    Jaime Harrison’s campaign raised a total of $57 million during the fourth quarter of the race. He is trying his hardest to unseat Lindsay Graham. This will be Lindsay’s fourth term as South Carolina senator.

    Harrison goes against the negativity 

    Lindsay is a supporter of anything conservative. He talks a big game. Nowadays Lindsay claims Blacks, especially liberals are not welcome in the state of South Carolina. He needs to gain minority support, but he doesn’t seem to care about that.

    As a result, Harrison gains more supporters, through donations and early polls. Based on data from Advertising Analytics, Harrison’s campaign spent $52 million on TV and digital ads so far this year compared to the $19 million that Graham and his campaign spent. 

    Harrison is focusing on issues that directly affect the people of South Carolina, such as Covid-19 relief to small businesses and real healthcare reform. What matters to the people matters to him. Harrison has done a great job of being a relatable candidate

    This campaign is making history, because we’re focused on restoring hope back to South Carolina,” Guy King, a spokesperson for Harrison’s campaign, said in a statement.

    South Carolina needs change

    Lindsay comes off as if he is too comfortable. He is no longer a leader that the people can count on

    One thing is for sure: Harrison is poised to unseat Graham this election.  

    Polls have shown that this is one of the closely watched Senate races in the country.


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