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    Dee Baby Survives Ambush: Team Confirms He’s “Good”

    Yess Dee Baby is alive! The Houston rapper Dee Baby beat the odds last night after his truck was attacked in a drive-by shooting that resulted in a man being killed and another fighting for his life. The rapper’s team has ensured us that Dee Baby was not fired and remains unharmed, despite previous reports that suggested otherwise.

    The shooting incident occurred at a gas station, where four men carrying long guns got out of another car and shot at Dee Baby’s truck, killing one man and critically injuring another. Police are still looking into the cause of the assault, although they believe it is intended.

    Dee Baby has quickly made a name for himself in the Houston hip-hop music industry. “Broken Promises” and “Marz” were two of his first hits, the latter of which had over 6 million plays on Spotify. The late 2010s saw the release of his first album, The Black Sheep, and the April 2023 debut of his critically acclaimed Junkie Mode on the Heatseekers chart from Billboard.

    Although the Houston rap community continues to deal with this tragedy, it appears that Dee Baby is alive and his life is in good shape. The authorities investigate this rapian house to learn more, and we express condolences to the victim’s family and caregivers.

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