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    Deb Antney Never Knew Rappers Nicki Minaj And Safaree Dated

    Hollywood relationships make headlines just about everyday. Unfortunately, celebrities can’t date in peace. Before tying the knot with her highschool sweetheart, Nicki Minaj had an extensive dating history. The “Highschool” rapper has been in several high-profile relationships with huge emcees like Nas, Meek Mill, Drake and even Eminem. While most didn’t last very long, others did. Executive producer Deb Antney revealed that Nicki Minaj and Safaree once dated for 12 years straight. The producer, however, admits she never knew about their secret relationship until later on. That’s a long time to keep a relationship under wraps.

                Nicki Minaj & Safaree Dated Past A Decade

    never knew
    via The Mirror

    Before settling down with husband Kenneth Petty, Minaj dated a slew of rappers. The 38-year-old went through men like water, moving on from relationship to relationship. Obviously, a woman as beautiful as Nicki Minaj doesn’t stay single for long. She’s been in whirlwind relationships with emcees Meek Mill, Nas, Drake and Eminem. Many of them were brief flings but her relationship with rapper Safaree lasted the longest.

    According to sources, rap stars Nicki Minaj and Safaree dated for a total of 12 years. The two somehow managed to keep their relationship out of the public eye past a decade, which is an incredible task to say the least. The two made sure no one never knew anything. During this time, both emcee’s careers had just started to take off. However, Minaj started experiencing a little more success than her man. Soon after, the two officially called it quits in 2014. The long-term couple had a very public breakup via social media. Making matters worse, they accused each other of lying, cheating and alleged physical abuse. The two dated for over a decade but in the end, their relationship meant nothing.

                     Deb Antney Never Knew They Dated

    never knew
    via All About Laughs

    Everyone loves a good love story between two hot celebrities. Nicki Minaj’s secret relationship with Safaree definitely left fans jaw dropped. Not only that, but the couple hid their relationship from the universe for 12 whole years. No one knew a thing about their secret romance. Even long-time executive producer Deb Antney never knew the two dated until much later.

    During an interview with Drink Champs, the Love&HipHop star admitted that she had no inkling of the two’s relationship at the time. In fact, she assumed their relationship had been strictly platonic and referred to Safaree as her “gay bestfriend.” Rapper Safaree finally came out and told Antney the truth. “He broke down everything, that they was together for the year. I didn’t even know. She never—that’s one thing about her, she never gave any inkling that anything was going on with them,” the executive producer recalled. Looks like the cat’s out the bag. Nicki Minaj’s 12-year romance with Safaree isn’t a secret anymore.

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