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    Pop singer Dea, talks about how budding singers can achieve their dreams

    Dea says that it is essential for rising music artists to nurture their musical dreams and goals and inculcate an attitude of learning every day.

    Getting into any niche and sector in a fast-paced world that doesn’t stop for anyone can prove to be a pretty daunting task for anyone across any industry. The music space has been one to have for years seen an influx of tremendously talented artists across music genres, still that haven’t demotivated many to be a part of the industry, put in the necessary work and try their luck at becoming that one unique music sensation in their careers.

    When the now famous pop singer Dea began her career at a very young age, she too initially had her doubts, but believing in her innate music skills and the training she received from a remarkable school, she was confident of the musical journey she would create for herself.

    Today, she has come forward to talk about how other budding music artists can achieve their dreams. Dea says that the first step towards creating and flourishing one’s career is knowing whether one feels passionate about one’s art. “Everything begins with passion and the love one feels for relentlessly creating and innovating with their art,” she highlights.

    Dea further explains how essential it is for rising talents to discover their unique voice, embrace it and feel confident of the skills they have within them. Instead of copying others or mimicking voices that feel trendy, she says they must work on their distinct voice and build their unique standing in the industry.

    She also emphasizes the need to invest in learning the art and getting trained in the same. Music is an ocean, she says, and for one to sail through successfully, one needs to keep rowing ahead with the power of knowledge, skills and expertise.

    Dea also mentions that without practice, innate talent is a waste, as practice is the backbone of any success story. Today, a lot is also about creating a strong online presence for people to know who you are, what you do and what unique you offer. She suggests artists to put their work on social media and let the world know how they are distinctive from the rest.

    Dea (@dea_singer_official) discovered her unique voice, practiced diligently and harnessed the power of social media to create a greater presence of her in the industry.

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