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    David July and Ryan Morissette Drop New Hit Single “Love With a Fantasy”

    David July and Ryan Morissette have unveiled their latest smash hit, “Love With a Fantasy,” causing ripples of excitement within the music realm. Produced by TylerB, this song was meticulously crafted over a year ago, its release meticulously timed for optimum impact. Marrying David’s velvety and melodious hip-hop finesse with Ryan’s electrifying dynamism, they’ve birthed a composition that has swiftly climbed the ranks on David’s recent album, “Kaleidoscope.”

    David July’s tender vocals, contagious refrains, and emotionally charged verses have propelled him into the limelight of Vancouver’s music stage. Remarkably, at just 21, he’s mastered the art of melodic hip-hop, solidifying his position as a cornerstone in British Columbia’s musical fabric. By teaming up with Ryan Morissette for “Love With a Fantasy,” this duo has birthed a chart-topper that’s bound to enthrall fans.
    The song’s title, “Love With a Fantasy,” beautifully encapsulates the thrill and eagerness of a burgeoning romance. Through its lyrics, it delves into the journey of falling for someone and the aspiration of co-creating something exquisite. Buoyed by an irresistible rhythm and a captivating melody, it’s the perfect track for dancing or belting out in harmony.

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