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    LISTEN: Dave East – “Fresh Prince of Belaire” (Feat. Rick Ross)

    Dave East continues to make exceptional music.

    On this track, he teamed up with Rick Ross to produce a song dedicated to the wine brand Luc Belaire: a company both artists represent. East released the single under FTD Records, which is his personal label that he founded in April of 2018. On the track, he says

    “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but Carlton ain’t my cousin. We spark it out in public, too much locs got me stumblin’. Black bottle, gold bottle, models by the dozen. But they ain’t for everybody, only cops believe in cuffin’.”

    As always, his lyrical flow and aesthetic is fast paced: executing quick and intelligent rhymes. East seems to want nothing to do with the new generation of ‘Mumble rap’. He delivers music that is synonymous with what many hip hop fans grew up listening to, which is of course tremendously different from mainstream rap today. It’s definitely interesting to hear him collaborate with Ross — who has been basically losing relevance since his 2014 studio album Mastermind (to put it in perspective, Mastermind generated $397,000 in sales, while his 2015 album Black Market made $75,000, and his 2017 Rather You Than Me, $156,000: every album he released before 2012, but 1, were certified gold and sold above $500,000.

    Ultimately, this is a hot track that is certainly exciting for East fans who are impatiently awaiting his Def Jam release. Give “Fresh Prince of Belaire” a listen and see for yourself.

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