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    ‘Daria’ Spinoff ‘Jodie,’ Voiced By Tracee Ellis Ross, Now A Film

    “Daria” Spinoff Series Announced its Cast

    Tracee Ellis Ross was previously announced as the voice of Jodie. Additionally, she will serve as an executive producer of the Daria spinoff. Jodie writer, Grace Edwards, will also EP. According to Variety, the following actors are also attached to the Daria spinoff: Pamela Adlon, Cole Escola, Jojo T. Gibbs, William Jackson Harper, Zosia Mamet, Alex Moffat, Dermot Mulroney, Arden Myrin, Kal Penn, Kofi Siriboe, Dulcé Sloan, and Heléne Yorke.

    Who Could Forget Daria?

    In 1997, the first of five seasons of the popular animated television show Daria premiered. MTV, aiming for adolescent viewers, was celebrated for keeping the characters real. In fact, they were far from perfect. The titular character on the MTV series was relatable to American teens. Daria was especially relatable to those who didn’t make the cheerleading squad and questioned The (high-school) Establishment. Daria herself was witty, intelligent, and a little jaded. The series culminated in a made-for-TV movie, Is It College Yet? And according to Reihan Salam of Slate news source, it was “brilliant.”

    MTV’s Jodie in The Real World

    Furthermore, the story of Jodie Landon in the upcoming adapted Daria movie will depict her fresh out of college. Much like the crushing realities of high school hierarchy, the “real” world is laden with politics, populars, and an establishment well deserving of criticism. Welcome to adulthood, Jodie!

    What we’ve always loved about Daria will (hopefully) remain true in the “Jodie” film. Life in and out of high school is full of ups and downs. Truthfully, you don’t have to be an adolescent to be grappling with questions about self-identity and struggling to figure it out. Outside of fictional Lawndale, Jodie, with the help of Ellis Ross’ fun and feisty personality, is sure to reach the empathy of the teens of Gen-Z and the hearts of millennials everywhere. And with this killer cast, the Daria spinoff flick has plenty of promise.

    Be on the lookout for Jodie, the Daria spinoff release date!

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