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    Dani Stevenson Releases Hot New Song “Love Me”

    Atlanta singer/songwriter Dani Stevenson enters 2021, after a successful 2020, with a red-hot new single “Love Me.” For the first installment, Stevenson reflects on a toxic relationship and provides listeners the motivation to persevere and learn how to love themselves again. The song is very personal to the ascending star, who in the past, has endured a problematic relationship.

    “For ‘Love Me,’ my producer Hytz sent me an open track I felt it,” Dani shares in a press release. “Definitely had a vibe. Tracks really have to move me because I personally like creating ideas from scratch. The song is about ending a relationship after finally realizing that you can’t change an individual and that you deserve better.”

    “Love Me” follows Stevenson’s 2020 single, “Sugar Honey Ice Tea” featuring Shya L’amour. Both set up the foundation for Stevenson’s forthcoming project, scheduled for a 2021 release via Lovers Lane Ent/TME. For the upcoming album, fans can anticipate a mixture of sounds from the rising star. “The creative process is always different– that’s the beauty of creating music.”

    You heard it here first. Get familiar with Dani Stevenson today, watch her latest video above and stream her new single “Love Me” below.

    Dani Stevenson

    An Atlanta diva whose quick move into the R&B spotlight was perfectly timed by Universal Records, Dani Stevenson’s sultry voice was integrated into the mainstream through Nelly. His party anthem “Hot in Herre” was a massive success in part because of her sexy response in the chorus. But before any of that happened, Stevenson was just a Georgia native whose family moved to Harlem when she was an adolescent. Always confident in her voice, she practiced and worked on her skills until she was asked to sing the national anthem at her junior high graduation. Taking the event to heart, she followed the performance with a single-minded dedication to singing that found her competing regularly in talent contests in the area. By 2001, producer Rhemario Webber had stepped into her life and started a relationship that led to a few recording sessions at his studio. Whipping up a demo, Universal Records snatched her up and was so impressed with her professional attitude that they allowed eight of the demo tracks to make it to her debut album with little more than a few overdubs. Recording the rest of Is There Another?! that spring, Stevenson fit in well with Webber’s vision of traditional R&B blended with hip-hop beats and jazzy melodies. Missy Elliot also contributed the sassy “Honk Your Horn” to the record, adding a modern twist to the throwback feel. But before the album’s release, a chance pairing with Nelly and his producers resulted in her appearance on “Hot in Herre,” a gigantic dance hit in the summer of 2002. Using the exposure to further her own career, the album was released soon after with Elliot’s contribution acting as the first single.

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