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    Dallas Rapper Numbaa 7 Doesn’t Trust Everyone In “Difference”

    Most stars want to represent themselves and be their own boss. Aspiring Dallas rapper Numbaa 7 nearly gave up rapping for good, after encountering personal and legal issues. Though, everything changed the moment Numbaa 7 met his future mentor Mo3, a Dallas legend in his own right. While signed under Mo3’s label H$M Music, Numbaa 7 learned everything the man had to offer. One self-made star to another. It wasn’t long before Numbaa 7’s music quickly gained notoriety.

    The newcomer put out several tracks that garnished him millions of streams and views. In particular, the Dallas star released a handful of hit tracks with his mentor, Mo3, including the street anthem “Play Wit ‘Em.” Clearly, the Dallas rapper was fully dedicated to pursuing his dream as a rap star. Soon he developed a style true to himself, balancing catchy punchlines with endless melodies. All his hard work has essentially led Numbaa 7 to prepare for his debut album, Diary Of A Steppa . Currently, the album has a scheduled release date set for July 15th of this year.

    The drop date for his next debt album may be right around the corner. Though, for those of us that can’t wait a moment longer, Numbaa 7 has already released a few sample offerings ahead of the album’s release. Recently, the H$M Music star dropped his next single “Difference .” The song pays homage to his late mentor, who once warned him that we can’t be friends with everyone.

    Not Everyone Has Our Back

    When it comes to knowing the difference between a friend and an enemy, Numbaa 7 knows the difference. In his new single “Difference” off his upcoming Diary Of A Steppa album, Numbaa 7 makes it clear that he’s not allowing anyone in his corner who doesn’t have his back. At one point, the “Play Wit ‘Em” artist raps that some friends will stab us in the back. Furthermore, the Dallas rapper impresses audiences with his Texas brand of soulful rap, Southern croons and cool rap flow. While Numbaa 7 urges listeners to know people’s intentions, his featurette Babyface Ray echoes the same sentiment. In other words, there’s only so many people we can trust in the world.

    Aesthetically-wise, the song features a wide range of instruments playing in the background. “Difference” mixes piano with guitar, organ and saxophones, crafting a blended chorus of instrumental sounds. Clearly, the sound was just as important as the track itself. Overall, “Differences” comes with a cautionary message that other aspiring rappers should use during their own come-up.

    Keep Up With Numbaa 7

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    When it comes to pursuing any dream, it can be difficult. People tend to change around us and those we called friends, aren’t anywhere to be found. H$M Music rap star Numbaa 7 understands that everyone can’t be trusted. In fact, some people want to see us fail.

    Furthermore, Numbaa 7 almost let people get the best of him at one point. He even contemplated giving up music for good, but it wasn’t until his mentor Mo3 came into his life, that he started believing in himself again. Numbaa 7’s upcoming album signifies the rapper’s return to the mic. This time, he’s here to stay. Be sure to listen to Dallas rapper Numbaa 7’s debut album Dairy Of A Steppa on July 15th.

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