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    DaBaby Has No Problem Scrapping With His Own People

    DaBaby takes no prisoners when it comes to defending himself and his family. Though, his motto has gained him the reputation of having a long crime history. Even worse, DaBaby has mega anger issues that often puts him in not so favorable situations. This past weekend, DaBaby got into it with one of his people. In particular, the Charlotte rapper scrapped with his newest signee Wisdom. DaBaby’s age reflects his inability to quit the shenanigans. Some may wonder why DaBaby’s fight with Wisdom happened in the first place.

           Rapper Scraps With His New Artist Wisdom

    DaBaby,Wisdom via Rap-Up

    Rappers and celebrities in general don’t always get along. Though, the “Lonely” rapper seems to have a lot more enemies than friends in the industry. In a recent stunt, the 29-year-old got into a fight with his newest Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment label signee, Wisdom. Furthermore, the altercation took place on April 22, backstage at the Spring Jam 2022 at the Colonial Life Arena in Columbia, South Carolina.

    Video footage shows DaBaby punching Wisdom, just as the new signee tries to return the favor. Moreover, the police stepped in to break up the altercation. So far, no injuries from either party have been reported.

    The Video Goes Viral

    DaBaby via Urban Islandz

    Since the fight, the video has gone viral, especially with the help of artist Prince Mazani. At the time, Mazani shared the footage backstage of DaBaby scraping with Wisdom on Instagram.

    “I’m backstage at the concert and Da baby swung on somebody,” he wrote in the caption.

    Either the “Red Light Green Light” artist hangs around the wrong people or he needs to find better ways to express his anger. 

    Earlier, DaBaby practiced some self-control after shooting someone who trespassed on his property. While he didn’t murder the intruder, he handed out a clear message. Perhaps he should practice controlling his emotions more. Especially since new leaked footage of the DaBaby Walmart situation is fresh on people’s minds.

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